In Studio Summer Art Camp

 Campers ages 5-11 and Open Studio spots for ages 12+

Stay tuned for more information on camp for 2021 out in January.
But this is what our typical schedule looks like.

Class Schedule for ages 5-11
If you're coming all day, campers will follow the full schedule. 

If you'd like to just attend one or two time slots, then choose from the below classes.

Early Drop Off between 8-9
 9 am to 10:20 am - Ceramics and Mixed Media Sculpture 
10:30 am to 11:50 am – Nature and Process Art
Noon to 1 pm - Lunch – Pack a lunch, we will not be offering pizza this year to limit exposure 
1 pm to 2:20 pm – Drawing & Painting
 2:30 pm to 4 pm – Art Jumble
Late Pick Up from 4-4:30 

Open Studio for Ages 12+

Older students can free create with help and guidance from our teachers, jump in on classes if they see a project they like,

help with the younger kids, and work on group art projects to beautify the studio alongside our own teachers and artists,

doing what they are in the mood for each day.  Come in the morning from 9-12, in the afternoon from 1-4 or come all day.

Half Day Open Studio - $325 the first two week session, $300 each additional session

Full Day Open Studio - $600 for the first two week session, $500 each additional session

(check off both morning and afternoon in the registration if you plan to attend all day)

Class Descriptions
Ceramics and Mixed Media Sculpture

Work with a variety of materials to create complex sculptures, wearable art, and other mixed media projects.

Nature and Process Art

Create art using a lot of different techniques to play around with a variety of mediums in a more abstract way,

along with creating art with things from nature.

Drawing & Painting

Focus on drawing fundamentals, working from both life and photos, to create a variety of pieces.  Learn shading, perspective, portraits and figures, color mixing, and more.

Work in a variety of materials and create pieces in paint, watercolor, colored pencil, and pastel.

Art Jumble

Work in a bit of everything, being spontaneous and fun with art in ceramics, drawing,

painting, textiles, print, and so many more mediums.

Early Drop or Late Pick Up

Campers will be provided with a variety of drawing and craft materials for some free-create time.

Early drop off is $75 per session, late pick up is $50 per session, or $100 per session for both.


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