Engage Art Studio


If you have any problems registering,

you can email your details to register@engagearts.com

or call 484.968.3103.
Directions and other info on the

About the Studio page. 

Weekly Adult Classes

Once you register and come to class, we assume that we'll keep seeing you until you tell us otherwise. There's no need to re-register each week.

Adult Weekly Classes

 No need to attend every week though
You can come when your schedule allows and work at your own pace on projects of your own choosing,
​and I'll show you everything you need along the way.

Come with an idea, or we'll have some suggestions handy too!  It's like a private lesson in a group atmosphere.  No experience is necessary, in fact, most students haven't had much.

All supplies are included and you can start coming at any time.  

Please register at the bottom of this page, and you can begin attending immediately, there are no sessions or start/stop dates.

 Drawing & Painting

Class for all skill levels on Mondays from 7-9 pm and Fridays from 12-2 (both are enrolling)

Learn drawing & painting fundamentals as well as experimenting with

different techniques and styles. Work in acrylic paint, oil paint, pencil, watercolor, charcoal, or a variety of

other mediums. Work on your own project at your own pace and we'll guide you along the way.

The cost is $22 per class, all materials are provided.


Class for all skill levels, both handbuilding and wheel throwing available, on Tuesdays from 7-9 

Class for all skill levels Wheel Throwing Only on Mondays from 7-9  or Thursdays from 7-9 

Learn handbuilding techniques to create functional items and creative sculptures, or learn to throw on the wheel.  Once pieces are fired, you'll then glaze your pieces.  Work on your own project at your own pace and we'll guide you along the way.

The cost is $20 per class plus material fees for clay ($25 for 10 lbs or $45 for 20 lbs, includes glazing and firing costs).

Ladies Nights and Private Groups

Held In Studio

Have a few friends looking for a fun and creative night out, or hosting a special event?

We offer private group events with projects in ceramics, painting, mosaic, mixed material sculptures and home decor items.  There are a few general project ideas that you can choose from, but we prefer to custom design a project for each group

that way your really enjoy your final piece of art.   

Prices are between $25-$38 per person depending on your project and group size.  

We don't have a minimum number you must bring and we can accommodate up to 15 people in studio.  

We can even provide party supplies and will arrange catering for an additional cost.​​